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Advance WordPress Training with live projects

We provide you advance WordPress Training with practical and live projects. The training is provide by the WordPress expert who has optimized websites from around the world and has also taught several students who is successfully working as Search Engine Optimizer. Get professional WordPress Training in Kolkata..

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HTML5 to WordPress theme customization

Get professional and high-quality Social Media Marketing training from our industry expert who has practical experience in this field. We provide you the best Social Media Marketing training at affordable prices. Know more about Social Media Marketing training in Kolkata.

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Custom Post Type

We furnish you PPC and Adword Training with advance features. If you want to get professional and advance training from our industry expert who has done these kinds of works as well as provided training then you are at right place.

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Plugin Development simple to advance

Get digital marketing training which is new in this industry but very effective like mobile marketing, social media marketing. We provide you digital media marketing at advance level. Our professional trainer will provide you best training in the industry.

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WordPress E-commerce site

We provide you advance Adsense & affiliate Marketing training through which you can generate income from your home without investing much into the business. Our experienced Adsense trainer will teach you how to achieve this goal.

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Professional sineset

Welcome to WordPress Training

WordPressWordpress Training Kolkata is the venture of the prestigious WordPress training institute in Kolkata called Acesoftech Academy. Acesoftech Academy itself is the sister concerns of Suhanasoftech Private limited, a software and web development house in the heart of Kolkata.
WordPress training Kolkata is able to provide top notch trainings in all aspects of WordPress. They are backed with industry groomed faculty having years of experience in web development and international IT projects.
The trainers at WordPress Training Kolkata provides understanding of all the different features of the software. Students are imparted with complete knowledge on how to interchangeably use various themes and templates making the web site visually interesting. They are further guided through the rather complex and unique feature of using the plug in option of WordPress. Through this option,the students are taught on how to increase the efficiency of WordPress software by using other performance enhancing software’s in connection with WordPress. In this way students are taught to avail the ease of usability of WordPress along with the wide scope benefits of complex systems like SEO to increase the efficiency of their website.
WordPress training Kolkata boosts an impressive infrastructure comprising of state of the art computer devices, high speed internet, server that can house many large scale projects at any given time. This extraordinary array of equipment is the reason that students are encouraged to apply and polish their acquired skills on live projects. All through the projects, the students are guided through any queries and difficulty by trained staff available on site and online.
Another advantage of opting for WordPress training in Kolkata is their industry liaison. Students have a chance of securing a job placement with WordPress trainings’ parent concern Suhanasoftech or can get hold of independent projects through their industry connections. They also offer job placement services throughout the industry.
WordPress Training Kolkata offers the complete package of invaluable education as well as job security. It is a fair choice of career oriented individuals. logo

Our WordPress Training Course Highlights


In this section you will learn installation and advance admin configuration.

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WordPress 2

In this section you will learn how to customize theme of WordPress and also how to develop new theme also.

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In this section you will learn how to develop a responsive theme in wordpress.

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WordPress 4

One of the aadvance fetures of WordPress,Custom Post Type will taught in thi section of the class.

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WordPress 5

In this section you will learn how to integrate your custom PHP Code into WordPress and make custom page load.

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WordPress 6

You will learn how to develop a beginners level plugin to an advance level Plugin.

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WordPress 7

In this section you will learn how to develop a shopping cart website usign wordpress with payment gateway.

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WordPress 8

Make your website live what you have learnt during the wordPress training.

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Name: Balkrishna
Course: Wordpress
Designation: Wordpress developer
Name: S.Manna
Course: Wordpress
Designation: Wordpress developer
Name: S.K.Das
Course: Wordpress
Designation: Wordpress developer
Name: Susmita Mondal
Course: Wordpress
Designation: Wordpress developer
Student 1
Name: Hasim Ansari
Course: Wordpress
Designation: Wordpress developer
Student 2
Name: Sudipta Dhar
Course: Wordpress
Designation: Wordpress developer
Student 3
Name: Krishanu Roy
Course: Wordpress
Designation: Wordpress developer
Student 4
Name: Somenath Dutta
Course: Wordpress
Designation: Wordpress developer
student 4
Name: Sonali Banerjee
Course: Wordpress
Designation: Wordpress developer
Student 5
Name: Priyanka Das
Course: Wordpress
Designation: Wordpress developer
student 6
Name: Sourabh Sarkar
Course: Wordpress
Designation: Wordpress developer
Student 7
Name: Suman Roy
Course: Wordpress
Designation: Wordpress developer
WordPress student

What is WordPress & Who can Learn WordPress?

Portfolio 1
TThis website has been develope by Hashim Ansari. He has used WordPress/ Custom PHP/ Jquery/PHP etc.
Project by : Hashim Ansari
Portfolio 2
This website has been developed Akash Chavhan for himself. He has designed/develope this website using Photoshop/CSS/Jquery/DIV etc.
Project by : Akash Chavhan
Portfolio 3
This website has been developed by Anjali patel. She has developed this website using wp-ecommerce plugin.
Project by : Anjali patel
Portfolio 4
This website has been developed by Suman Roy. He has developed this website using WordPress/XHTML/CSS/DIV/Custom PHP
Project by : Suman Roy
Portfolio 5
This website has been developed by Priyanka Das. She has developed this using WordPress XHTML/CSS/DIV/Custom PHP
Project by : Priyanka Das
Portfolio 6
This website has been developed by Saurabh Sarkar. This website has been developed using WordPress XHTML/CSS/DIV
Project by : Saurabh Sarkar
Portfolio 7
This website is developed by our student S. Manna. This website has been developed using WordPress and custom PHP
Project by : S. Manna
Portfolio 8
This website has been developed by Somnath. This is a Stock Market website in which user has to register to know to the tips of stock market. CSS/HTML and WordPress has been used in this website
Project by : Somnath
wordPress girl WordPress is a free Content Management System written in the most widely used programming language i.e. PHP. It is widely used in the creation of all sorts' of websites. Small scale websites like personal blogs, business websites like shopping portal or even government owned websites use WordPress as a back end system. According to a rough estimate approximately 2% of the world's websites are created using this framework. It is the largest source of knowledge management and business collaboration being run for free by a community of million plus developers who constant work to upgrade the development making itmore efficient and up to date every now and then. Further adding to its popularity is the fact that WordPress is free software available for download to anyone.
Having said so, downloading WordPress will not create a good website. For this purpose you need to have knowledge how to effectively use a CMF. is one place which is dedicated to providing in-depth knowledge about the working of CMF in general and particularly on how to effectively use WordPress. At WordPress Training Kolkata, we are constantly aware of the changes and modifications being introduced in WordPress. This is the reason why WordPress Training in Kolkata is among the best places to learn the art of using WordPress.
Who Can Learn WordPress?
The good news is that WordPress is for everyone. The complex interface for creating and hosting websites has already been developed by expert programmers in PHP. All you need is implementation skills. WordPress in Training Kolkata will guide you through it with ease. Whether you have some knowledge of the web or are a complete novice at it, our trainers will make sure that at the end of the course you are an apt WordPress user. Having prior PHP knowledge is an added feature to effectively understand and apply each and every feature available in WordPress but it is in no case a necessity. The sole purpose of WordPress was to make programming in PHP easy and WordPress Training Kolkata is here to guide you to it step by step all the way.

WordPress Training in Kolkata

careerWordPress is blogging software which like Drupal is open source and free in nature. It is rated as the foremost tool behind top one million websites around the world. WordPress is developed in two of the most successful programming languages of this time i.e. PHP and MySQL. These two languages provide a lot of flexibility to the WordPress software.
WordPress offers a lot of ingenuity to its users without hassle. There is the incredible feature of theme installation and switching. With the help of this feature, the user can change the physical outlook of a WordPress website at any given time without changing or affecting the content of the website. This feature comes in very handy when refurbishing a website for a new look without spending too much time and effort on it. Other popular feature includes the widgets through which techno drop down or slide out content placement can be incorporated in the website. This gives a very edgy and trendy look to the site in question.
Apart from these aesthetic feature, WordPress offers the plug in system which the developers favorite. Through this feature, the developers can enrich the abilities of WordPress with the help of other purpose built software’s like SEO.
WordPress training can greatly benefit a professional web developer in increasing his creativity without getting into complex programming. WordPress training can also be of great help to bloggers who want to make their blog posts more attractive to readers and therefore want to generate more following. gives complete guidelines to master this useful software.


Ten Reasons why to Use WordPress

Wordpress Training Kolkata course are designed keeping in view the market requirement. Open source soft wares attract more users because of easy accessibility. These are user friendly and can be applied universally. Remember no knowledge comes without proper training. WordPress Training Kolkata provides you opportunity to learn software WordPress to acquaint you of its innumerable benefits to websites and blogs. By learning this program you find yourself in the eye of huge market dealing with website, webpage and blog designing and operation. Learning the software application through WebPress Kolkata will keep you in business for long time for two reasons. Firstly it is one of the most used software.

A large number of sites have been made based on this soft ware. These require maintenance and fresh up on regular basis as per requirement of the customer. Secondly dissemination of information, advertisement and e marketing is growing faster than expected in developing countries therefore making of new sites, pages and blogs is in demand. You will realize the importance of training during the course of its application on the job when it will come handy to solve and manage en route problems. WordPress Training Kolkata enables you to understand the very purpose of the program. Apart from the general attributes of the software and built in ready to use facilities we brace you with mind set to inquire its intrinsic attributes. Confidence imbibed in you by the training, will encourage you to walk through the soft ware to explore facilities that can be utilized in an untraditional manner making sites developed by you unique.

WordPress in Training Kolkata takes pride in teaching you innovation skills akin to soft ware according to theme of your website and blog with in the sphere of the software. Our checks and balances keep track of your progress during the course of learning keeping you mindful of retaining the previous episodes. You will be amazed to stretch WordPress to infinite limits with the help application of its key principles passed on to you during the course of learning with WordPress Training Kolkata. Our training programs are chalked out by experts who are in touch with the market. These are highly competitive, economical and curriculum wise current. Each program is a complete package in itself for a certain level of competence. Thus allowing respite to accumulate resources for next level of competence if you so desire. None the less we are always available to our valued clients for professional advice in their career as web site developer because we believe in that “You are once with us you are always with us”.


Why Acesoftech Academy for WordPress Training?

Acesoftech Academy's wordpress training Kolkata is the best institute for WordPress training in Kolkata. They are the affiliate of a renowned software house Suhanasoftech private limited. There are many reasons for students to opt for Acesoftech Academy's WordPress training Kolkata. The main advantage of Acesoftech Academy's WordPress Training Kolkata is their strong faculty. Their trainers are the cream of the industry and have minimum of eight years of industry experience. Their experience in dealing with all sorts of projects helps students clear all queries regarding any problem or confusions during the course. Their trainers are never at a loss of answer to any question. The in-depth knowledge of the industry gives the trainers an edge while designing the course outline. The course encompasses complete knowledge and practical application of WordPress. There are various levels to choose from starting from basic training to expert advance level of WordPress training in Kolkata for IT professionals.

Acesoftech Academy's WordPress training institute in Kolkataprovides state of the art infrastructure. Students can perform search about WordPress or work on live projects using hi tech equipment and high speed broad band internet. This practice is essential to gain maximum exposure in real time projects. Certificate holders of WordPress Training Kolkata are given placement services. Student résumé are sent out to more than a thousand software houses for job placement. Resumes are also hosted on the institute's website which is visited by many companies for recruitment. When you enroll with WordPress Training Kolkata, you do not just enroll in an institute but rather you become part of an ever growing IT family. WordPress training Kolkata gives lifetime membership to its students. Students are updated with the latest happenings in the industry. They can also download free software's to enrich their web development experience. And the biggest plus the faculty at WordPress training are every present online to help you with your IT problems not just during your course timeline but anything you need them during your career.It is truly Kolkata's very own WordPress fraternity home.


WordPress Corporate Training

WordPress is a very dominant open source platform for blogging. Its network of community support is constantly working to improve the working of the software. Similar blogging software's like Type pad or Tumblr to start with are not free nor do they offer such flexibility for creativity. WordPress on the other hand is the result of the most favored programming language PHP. It also enables software plug ins to increase efficiency. More and more companies are coming up with websites that use WordPress.

There are various reasons why companies are opting for WordPress. For many saving is a very big advantage. WordPress being open source is a very big plus for companies opting to cut out on costs without having to compromise on quality. For other it's easy to use features is the liking point. WordPress is easy to adapt and anyone with negligible IT skills can work on it without much difficulty.
WordPress is the only CMS in its category that has a large community working on better versions on day to day basis. Many companies opt to use WordPress in order to benefit from these changes without having to undergo a lot of development work on their existing websites. Another very attractive feature which extends the software's original platform is the plug in feature. Big companies having extensive websites value this feature to a great extent as it enables them to create aesthetically better website for their customers.

WordPress e-commerce version also enables businesses to built online centers to entertain customers through the web. And lastly WordPress is very SEO friendly software and can easily be optimized for neutral searches making business visibility better.
Looking at this preference trend for corporations, WordPress training Kolkata offers customized corporate trainings. These trainings can be availed by individual candidates at WordPress training Kolkata centre. They can also be hired for group trainings onsite at the company's location or online through the web. WordPress training Kolkata design corporate trainings keeping in mind the clients business requirements, professional level of the employees, and the required results expected from the trainings. These trainings greatly benefit the employees and provide a good motivational factor in employee development by the company. You can contact any time for WordPress corporate training in Kolkata.



“"Hi My name is David Leong and I have completed my WordPress training course at Acesoftech Academy. I have started to do projects for a company and I get a sufficient pay from them. " “

“"Hi my name is Wayne Fernando and I have completed my training program through Acesoftech academy. I am working as a freelance developer and I get paid well with the job and unending projects from many clients.

"Hi, I am Anand Das I have done WordPress Training at Acesoftech Academy. I got proper training from the institute. I also complete 4 projects during the traing and now I am working as WordPress freelance developer."

"Hi, I am Kausik Chakrbarti and I finished my WordPress Training from Acesoftech Academy. Once my course was complete, I strted doing projects in my company. And because of this my salary has also increased. "

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